Preschool Program at Song Sparrow Playgarden



The preschool program at Song Sparrow Playgarden is inspired by Waldorf Education and lead by Lifeways Trained teacher, Amy Mulvaney.

The Lifeways model is centered around relationship based care in a home-like setting. With a small preschool program of only six children, those in my care are able to form relationships with each other that mimics family life. This setting also fosters children's desire to learn practical skills of collaboration, problem solving, and participation in the important work of the home and tending to the garden.

At Song Sparrow Playgarden we sing all day! Throughout the day, the children are carried through their transitions from one activity to another, as well as during their activities with song. During our meal times we sing as we give thanks with a blessing. I am intentional about creating a daily rythm that is spacious to allow the children ample time for uniterrupted play and to be immersed in their imaginary worlds while forming relationships with their new friends.

Our weekly preschool rhythm includes activities such as painting, bread making, gardening, and making soup. On hike day, we will spend our morning in Briones, the park behind Song Sparrow Playgarden. Our yearly rhythm includes seasonal festivals.


Preschool is offered three days a week on T/W/Th from 8:30-12:45. I ask that all of the children attend all three days so they can form a tight family of friends. It really helps them settle into the weekly rhythm when they know who to expect each day.

We follow a school calendar year with two breaks in Winter and Spring. Summer camp is offered from mid-June through July. We are closed in August.


For those in need of a longer day, aftercare is available from 12:45 pm -3:15 pm for an additional $20 a day. Aftercare begins with a resting time, followed by a healthy snack and free-play.


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To explore the possibility of bringing your child to Song Sparrow Playgarden Preschool, please contact me by filling out the form.

I look forward to the opportunity of supporting your children during this special time!

Warmth and blessings,

Amy Mulvaney